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Dallas, Texas | Lifestyle Birth: Babe David | DFW Photographer

Well hello again!  Hope your week is going great, but in case its kinda just blah let me brighten up you hump day evening with this sweet precious baby.

You say him in his last blog a few days ago but here he is at 3 days new – I give you Baby David and his beautiful parents.

Ok so let me start by saying Annalee has the perfect home for the light airy lifestyle newborns.  Her soft neutral tons and white base is on point.  And the light coming through those windows – melt. my. heart.  She has made her house a home with John and decorated it in the oh so Annalee style that I LOVE.  Seriously.  This girl.

We took it very slow and low key for David’s lifestyle newborn session.  I even got to capture the first time John’s mom met David.  For the sentimental person I am, I almost started crying.  It was such a precious time.  She even helped me calm him during the Harry Potter segment of his newborns (you’ll have to keep scrolling the blog for those).

I could go on and on about this family but I must stop and let you bask in all things cute – aka Babe David!!!

Aunt Sammy loves you little dude!!!


So he was born on Harry Potter’ birthday and his decor is also Harry Potter.  How cool is that?!?!?


He’s getting the last little cat nap in before we change him!


Why yes, he smiled for me.  What a handsome fella.


Hahahah this face.


This mobile.  I think I want it for my room Hahah!


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Dallas, Texas | Birth of Baby David | DFW Photographer

Hello World – Meet Baby David Benjamin

David arrived at Sunday, July 31st (yes Harry Potters birthday) at 8:37 pm

7 lbs

19″ long

My phone went off Thursday evening that Annalee was going into labor and to be on the look out for ‘that’ call to head her way.  So I waited, checked in with mom and dad and made sure all was well.  Two days pass and I’m on alert, I know its just going to happen any minute now.

Saturday evening came and I was crawling into bed around 10:30 and thats when it came.  Doula Bliss texted saying that its baby go time.  So I loaded the car and headed to Dallas, to John and Annalee’s home.  Home births are so special.  What an experience to get to labor around your home and after babe arrives be able to hold your new little bundle in your own bed.

Midwife Jenee’ keep a close watch over our momma to be.  We shared the couch till the morning, chatting and watching Annalee’s progress.

I shot throughout the night and into the morning, taking breaks to let Annalee and John have their own special time during this process.  Around 3 Jenee’ said that Annalee had progressed and was now up to a 7. We had started active fun blown labor.  We labored in the bed, on the floor, in the bathroom shower, on the bathroom floor, in the doula tub, down the hallway, back in the bed, in the spare bedroom….. we went all over their apartment.

When the time came to start actively pushing we started on their bed and gradually migrated to the floor on a birthing chair.  I can honestly say this is a first for us, we have never had a baby born on a birthing chair until David.

Baby David made his appearance at 8:37 Sunday evening surrounded by mom, dad, Doula Bliss (which is also grandma), Midwife Jenee’ and her assistant and myself.  It was very intimate.  Very calm and at his pace.  I can not wait to see what the world has in store for you Baby David.  You are already one loved kiddo.

Stay tuned for Baby David’s newborns to hit the blog within a couple days!!! I am so excited about those!!!

Aunt Sammy loves you little one!!!










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Dallas, Texas | Lifestyle Birth: Babe David | DFW Photographer » Sabel Moments Photography - […] say him in his last blog a few days ago but here he is at 3 days new – I give you Baby David and his beautiful […]

Grapevine Botanical Gardens | Bridal Session: Sarah | DFW Photographer

Beautiful soul.  Happy Heart.  Gorgeous Bride.

Sarah, you my dear are a radiant beauty.  A timeless classic.

From the minute Sarah walked out in her wedding gown for her bridals I knew this was going to be amazing.  Her dress reminds of me the Grace Kelly time and the elegant bead work really makes her face shine bright.  Sarah even made her own bridal bouquet.  This girl.  So crafty.

Today she married the man of her dreams.  Today she became Mrs Lynn.

Congratulations girl, you were meant for this.  I am honored to have been there today to watch you and Nick take the next step and become husband and wife.

Oh and…. her dress has POCKETS!!!! AH-mazing!!!!





Pecan Plantation, Grandbury TX | Engagement Session: Nick + Sarah | DFW Photographer

Ohhhh Nick & Sarah.

These two tie the knot in the morning!!! I am so excited for them.

These two took me on a tiny tour of the ever vast Pecan Plantation.  And it did not disappoint.  We started at an open park not far from Nick’s home close to the lake.  With the recent flooded we couldn’t get down to the lake but the park made for the perfect backdrop for starting their session.  Instantly I knew that they would be the perfect couple in front of the camera.  So lovey and cuddly.  Then we went to another park on the other side of the lake under the big oak trees.  Ahhhhh, I just love me some trees!!! And last, and oh my, we went to the actual pecan groove right behind Nick’s home.  Oh my, I could seriously photograph in Pecan Plantation every day.  It was so magical and with so many opportunities for photos it made it hard to not stop every time we turned a corner and snap photos of everything.  Everything.

But enough about the location, more about the beautiful bride and her groom!!!
Do you know their story?  No? Well just let me tell you… Its super romantic!!

Nick proposed at church, with a sly sneaky set up.  HA!! Over supper one evening Nick said he ‘needed’ to get back to the church to help set up somethings and had Sarah catch a ride back with friends.  When Sarah got back Nick was on stage and asked her to help proof read a few notes he had made.  She got on stage with him and read over his notes, at this time he left to get something.  When she was done proofing she called back for him and then the screens up front started to roll with all the reasons why Nick loved Sarah.  Sarah turned to see Nick get back on stage with her.  He got down on one knee and ask her to be his forever.  She, of course, said YES and as they say the rest is history!

Tomorrow they will take the final leap into marriage in front of their family and friends at First Baptist in Euless.  We are super excited to be their wedding photographer and make their memories last.

Here’s to the years of laughter and romance, joy and happiness and lots of hugs and kisses!!!




Grapevine Botanical Gardens | Bridal Session: Tiffany | DFW Photographer

Well Good Morning lovely people!!!! Thought I’d get your started with some extra special sunshine today!!!

Meet Tiffany, aka Mrs Means.

She married her love a week ago and just got back from a wonderful vacation on the beach.  I might be a tad jealous of all her amazing photos she has been sharing!! Ha!  So glad you guys had a blast.

It has been a joy to get to know her and her beau.  She blew me away at her bridal session with her radiant beauty and charm.  No wonder her hubby loves her so much, she has such a sweet soul.

I have been having a blast going through her wedding images and getting the prepped to edit.  Till they are done here is a peek into Tiffany’s bridal session at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens.  Her bouquet was on point.  Her dress even more on point.  Her hair… wow!! And her smile – perfection!

I had a blast walking all around the garden with you girl!!! Happy One Week!!!



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